Life in Green C#

Breaking the synaesthetic barrier, Benbo Smith's short poetic narrative...

On the drowning of Ophelia

Did the branch break by divine intervention or did...

The Disciple – A prose poem by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde's prose poem about Narcissus. An apt and poignant betrayal of his insecurities?

The Iris and the Moon – A prose poem...

The withering triads of despair moved through the veins of the iris that late...

Night Shift – A Prose Poem

Arrive at scene after blueing the night. Men and children in fright. Car upended,...

William Shakespeare Sonnet 116

William Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 is our sonnet of the week.

Tired Life Retired – a poem

Benbo Smith captures a sense of Ennui in this short prose poem on the tiredness of the everyday.

The Highlanders a Prose Poem

  Hot breath in cold glen air, rising from damp nostrils that flair. Situated...

Let me lie by the water

Other people lie next to me. They breathe uneasy beside thee. Yet I call out with disdain still whilst I am...

Red Squirrel Poem

Imagine a world, A red squirrel world. It would be the nuts. Just imaging a red squirrel world. Dedicated to the girls from...

River Poem

River, stony river, Stony cold, River, stony bold.


In a stopped moment the air filled with Victorian backwaters and tourists glues.    

Midwinter in Harogate

Winter in cold delight during the long night. Harrogate in Betties is best to avoid the fright. We were not wanting...

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The epic poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Our poem of the week.

Tyger Tyger

The nations favourite poem? Tyger Tyger by William Blake - Our poem of the week.

Remembering My Father

A funeral prose poem reflecting on the last time a farther and son visit London’s Tate Britain knowing that the end is near.