Last Night As I Was Sleeping, a reinterpretation

Antonio Machado's poem is a classic of the "healing" theme.

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

William Wordsworth's classic of English poetry, I Wandered Lonely...

Life in Green C#

Breaking the synaesthetic barrier, Benbo Smith's short poetic narrative...

On the drowning of Ophelia

Did the branch break by divine intervention or did Ophelia overburden her soul? Tamiko...

The Disciple – A prose poem by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde's prose poem about Narcissus. An apt and poignant betrayal of his insecurities?

The Iris and the Moon – A prose poem...

The withering triads of despair moved through the veins of the iris that late...

Tyger Tyger

The nations favourite poem? Tyger Tyger by William Blake - Our poem of the week.

Remembering My Father

A funeral prose poem reflecting on the last time a farther and son visit London’s Tate Britain knowing that the end is near.

William Shakespeare Sonnet 106

William Shakespeare's Sonnet 106 is our sonnet of the week.

Beginnings by Benbo Smith

A review of Beginnings by Benbo Smith - Our collection of the week